Social bookmarking.

The quickest way to have any website visited by the search engines and get indexed is by bookmarking them to any of the popular social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Faves and others.
So how it works? See the video of basic usage.


what is social bookmarking

Getting backlinks.

In case if you are wondering what social bookmarking is and how you can use these social sites to build backlinks, there are thousands of social media sites out there where you can setup an account and bookmark your sites by dropping your links to there.

social bookmarking backlinks

Grab your profit.

Social bookmarking sites play a vital role in generating income both for the website owners and service providers. By submitting your websites to the bookmarking sites out there, you are exposing your website to more people on the net. More exposed means more income.

social bookmarking income


PRspider is tiny tool to check or collect some statistics about defined websites like pagerank, alexa rank and amount of backlinks in Yahoo.
To load your list simply list your websites into text file one website per file and load them into program with Load file button. For pinging load your websites as described before. Program will locate your website's(page's) and will use your website title as your website name.
For scraping is used Yahoo search engine which has no limits for scraping amount. You can strip links down to root domain by checking Trim checkbox.
Also it's possible to export all result's into simple text file to keep your eye on later changes if you wish.