Social bookmarking.

The quickest way to have any website visited by the search engines and get indexed is by bookmarking them to any of the popular social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Faves and others.
So how it works? See the video of basic usage.


what is social bookmarking

Getting backlinks.

In case if you are wondering what social bookmarking is and how you can use these social sites to build backlinks, there are thousands of social media sites out there where you can setup an account and bookmark your sites by dropping your links to there.

social bookmarking backlinks

Grab your profit.

Social bookmarking sites play a vital role in generating income both for the website owners and service providers. By submitting your websites to the bookmarking sites out there, you are exposing your website to more people on the net. More exposed means more income.

social bookmarking income

1. Why im getting invalid username or password?
Please double check how usernames and passwords are set some websites require email for login. Like Delicious and Yahoo (both are working with same login details).

2. Why im getting service overloaded?
If you will get service overloaded then that website is probably really overloaded.

3. Why im getting connect timed out?
One reason can be that you have lowered timeouts on settings screen then just raise them and try again. Of course there can be some other problems as well for example that specific website is just a bit slow at the moment.

4. Why should i use proxy?
If you wont have any problems with submitting then dont. It's just an extra option if you ever going to need it

5. Why my errors screen is always empty when i log in?
Errors are cleared always when you log out. This is just analyzing feature if you are experimenting with proxies and timeouts.

6. What happens with my account if i wont pay monthly fee?
Your account will be automatically locked.

7. How can i unlock it?
When your trying to login and your account is locked you will be redirected to unlock screen where you can pay one month fee and after that you can log in with your username and password.

8. If my acount is locked do i have to pay for locked time as well?

9. Can i share my account with anyone?
Yes you can that's your own choice.

10. Can i post unlimited amount of bookmarks?

11. Why im getting incomplete title or text?
Some websites have their own limit how long text or title should be. Just use longer text and title.

12. I just signed up and havent still received my login details?
It can happen sometimes. Just send us an email and we will deal it right away.

13. Why im getting invalid or blocked url?
Some websites wont allow to post some urls. Most common blocked urls are Blogger and Ezine. For example Livejournal wont allow to post Ezine links. So there's nothing we can do about it. Also notice that Connotea is quite picky as well so if your getting refused then they just think about your link as spam.

14. All my links are not visible to others?
On some websites like LinkaGoGo and Yahoo you have to configure manually to allow your links or profile to be public.

15. I didn't find my answer from here what to do?
Faq section is quite fresh and we have been busy with other things so we can understand it. Feel free to email us and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.

16. What are the current working sites?
As of 15th October 2010 there are 23 sites fully working and they are as below:

active sites